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  • Screenshot 2022-08-08 171939.png
    and I am WAY over it! All I want to do is demonstrate how the rats lie in their every word. They know its BS but continue to manipulate your...
  • Screenshot 2022-08-08 171939.png
    All lies every single one !. the ex-rat said he never cheated hmmm LOL so much to prove wrong 2. He put posts up of a sexual nature while I was...
  • Saber Khdara - Djerba, Tunisia
    New York, Iowa… okkkkkkkay Either he confused it with NYC or he is flirting with American women
  • Saber Khdara - Djerba, Tunisia
    Peace respect love…is this after he gets the money!? The mambo jumbo these characters put on their fb is unreal.. thanks for sharing
  • Saber Khdara - Djerba, Tunisia
    Welcome here @deafmn. Is there a story attached to this man or are you not ready to share it with us? We are here for you whenever you are ready...

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