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Nour Habachi
So this rat ba$$ard says I waited 8 months I left him in Nov. 2017 only few months after the sham
he wrote this crap in 2018!
The rat said I knew it was not possible, no because he has nothing to offer to get a visa.
rat said I hid the truth LOL and i insisted in marriage contract it was a sham and he did this to himself
So why didn't the rat leave me alone after this?
I mean the rat said it right there in this message to end it so why did he keep harassing if he knew it was and I never insisted on a marriage contract,
it was in the best interest of the rat so the rat insisted.
And can anyone notice the fake profile statement he made in the message.
The rat has a lot more fake profiles than this.
You see how crazy and twisted this rat is!

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Nour Habachi Casanova
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