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Screenshot 2021-08-20 095358.png

Nour Habachi - I kept a screenshot of this from awhile ago, the hypocrisy is just astounding.
I have never had a post like this up because I don't care anymore, but this rat drew sympathizers like the same one he dumped me for because I could not move fast enough for visa but this one could??? LOL
Nour Habachi -" I believe in our good God" LOL If the rat believed in God the rat would never be using victims like he has through the years.
I believed in good people but... hahah I should say I believed at first that there was good in this rat, but the rat proved me wrong.
This seemed to be a contest to get sympathizers, me I moved on long time ago. In fact I never want to say I ever knew this rat for the shameful way he treated me!

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