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Algerian meeting in Tunisia


Major Ratslayer
Very suspicious but I don't know the answer regarding opening hours - perhaps one of these can help @ismail @Aldin @tutusandfrogs @Lass or @Going for the limit

MH x
Apologies about the delay in getting back to you. I don't know much about Algeria to be honest but I do know that Sunday is a working day over there. Also I know that all of the ladies had already said that but please please please stay safe and don't even consider meeting up with him for the first time in the apartment. It's extremely dangerous. You don't know this man at all. You don't know the language either. I had a group of Algerian men trying to break into my hotel room once before and even though I was a well known guest in the hotel where I was staying not much was done about it. By all means I am not suggesting that they are all the same but I really would like to stress how dangerous it is to be meeting them in their own environment unknown to you. As for the fb accounts, he could possibly block you from all of his accounts so that when you search for his name nothing comes up. Try and check it from someone else's account, best someone that you are not fb friends with as they do go to the extreme of blocking all of your friends too. Also they are clever with customising the privacy settings on their fb so you can never be sure that what you see is what the others can see x