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Basically I feel like I have a right to be on this page since you all was so nice to talk about me months before I ever showed up to this site to voice my opinion of me & my husband.
And then you tried to inform me that I am a victim ~ not!!!
I am still married to 1 of the most sweetest guy from Tunisia. Now he might not be your type so therefore you don’t find him sexy ~ but he’s my sexy brown eye superman & I’m his sexy blue eye Wonder Woman.
I’m sorry that the little German girl got hurt all because I came back into the picture.
Because of 1 person spoke up & said he was a rat ~ did not make him a rat.
I do believe that 1 of you mentioned back on Dec 26 or 27 that he sent a friend request to your fake fb page. ~ wow he sent you a friend request
Now had he really been a rat, those comments would have went further then just to go sending you a friend request. But you had nothing else to back it up, just a friend request.
I know the German girl was hurt.
She was so upset over loosing a guy that she couldn’t even change her fb status to been in a relationship with him. She wanted it to remain single so her mom wouldn’t find out about him.
And then she quoted somewhere on here that she went there every November, so here was a college girl looking for a free vacation every November. Free place to stay wouldn’t have to worry about paying for a hotel & someone fun to hang out with.
That about the relationship status is not on here ~ but it’s in the screen shots she sent to me.
There was more to the German girl then she let on
She came to this site out for revenge on someone breaking her heart.
I also have that in my messenger how she was out for revenge on him.
Marwen is a great sweet sexy guy.
And because of a young beautiful German girl you all ran to her side but in reality she was a villain
Hi @Dejinna

How's life with you, are you settled now - is life with Marwen still going okay?

MH x


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ay yi yi... this actually makes my stomach in a knot. :( After that solid evidence of his cheating I can't believe she defended him... I'd peace out so fast. It's so complicated when you really love someone, I really hope she is okay.
.......time....time always gives the answer.....unfortunately so much damage can be done in a short amount of time...me too...peace out sooooo fast! She has her journey to travel.....I hope she travels well