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Lara El Gibaly
May 12, 2017

Standing in a Tunisian marketplace holding a blue abaya to her chest, a Swiss woman called Jasmin poses for a photo, smiling unenthusiastically at Mohsen Ben Hassen, the Tunisian father she hasn’t seen in 22 years. Capturing this awkward moment is Dutch filmmaker Alex Pitstra, Jasmin’s older half-brother and the result of Ben Hassen’s first marriage to a Dutch woman called Anneke. Meanwhile, Imed, Mohsen’s brother (who also has a son in Sweden), is negotiating with a shopkeeper for a lower price, “Next time I’ll bring our German relatives,” he promises. “They will all become your clients.”
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Major Ratslayer
If anyone can find the full version and/or with English sub titles please can you post a link here :thumbsup:
I had a little chat with Alex in 2017. Back then the film was still playing on the festivals. He was waiting it would be posted after its release on VOD.
Main character of the film has passed away this spring...


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I watched it too I thought it was really informative.
@Bubbly not so sure you should say ' old fuck '
It's been kicking off on another thread about age difference.
May be just stick to the less offensive term of rat