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Break up without explanation


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Hi girls,

I met this Tunisian guy two and a half years ago. He is a sportsmen, plays in Europe. We were in a long distance relationship. We used to see each other every couple of months (approximately every 3).
We were completely in love, talking and planning to marriage, together life, kids. Sweet words, sweet actions, dream come true...traveling together. Completely everything.

I am Christian, he is Muslim. I come from wealthy family, I have perfect life where I live at the moment. In the beginning my parents did not approve that, but I’m in late 20s so nothing about that they cannot do. He eventually met my parents, they loved him. I saw their through video call many times and they loved me. He was not trying to scam me, at least there was no reason for it. He had a normal life, few houses that he built in Tunisia.
Also, through my life, I saw what money has done to my family and the only thing in life I value is honesty and pure love. We have had that all, at least I thought we had. But I enjoyed that we are honest and lovely to each other.

Often he would complain for small things, about not responding to his messages fast, not responding to his call immediately, not wearing his ring he bought me, not calling him at 2:20 but at 2:25 and that was annoying me, but I would always discuss about the issues and I would explain that those are the same things he was doing to me, just i was not the one who was complaining about that because I understand that we cannot be 24 hours with cellphone and see some messages immediately. Sometimes I’m working, sometimes I’m on a meeting....

We never had any arguments. We had miss understandings and I would always sit and talk about them and dealt about them. Always I was the first one to talk and to explain myself. It seemed to me he always wanted to be the right one, to me a man, but I am apparently too smart or too talkative that I haven’t let him think he is right when in reality he is not.

Anyway, he left me 2 weeks ago. Without an explanation. Well, with explanation that I have “mistakes”. He left me after I accidentally fallen asleep and haven’t told him hahaha. He called me after few hours, at 6 am and told me not to try to call him any more. He blocked me everywhere. Eventually he unblocked me, I asked him for explanation, he didn’t want to give it so I let it go. Those mistakes are: not wearing ring sometimes (lol), not answering his call when he calls (although I would call him after max 10mins back), not responding to his message after 10 mins but after 20. Apparently he wanted to control me, but he couldn’t.
He was always talking about returning to Tunisia to continue his life with me. I would accept anything for him. I don’t think he wanted to use me for coming to live to Europe or etc...but I don’t understand what was all this?

I was feeling so bad, but I have huge self respect and I know what I am capable of. So this is for me a life lesson and better that it happened now and not in 5 years.

I just want someone’s honest comment on thisso I could understand it better :)

I’m sure he doesn’t have any other gf, he doesn’t have anyone who is attractive to him. I’m just curious what else this could be?
I think from what you've said he wasn't a scamming rat. He had no need to be. But he does sound like a controlling narsacist. (There are some good links somewhere on here about this type of behaviour). You' sound like a strong, self assured woman he couldn't get to walk on eggshells and this is why he's disappeared.. too much work. If he's now looking to settle down, he wants someone compliant. You are doing the right thing by not continuing and putting him behind you. Well done x


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he plays for club and for national team. He plays OUTSIDE of Tunisia. If they win matches with NT, they get huge amount of money and they are excellent.
he is lazy. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but he is. During the preparation time and season, he goes regularly to trainings and everything, but in general he is lazy. There is nothing that he does in his free time. Either he sleeps or plays games.
They'r all lazy,it s in their ADN


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Injury in their knee?
Knee or ankle. Usually they claim they could have been professionals but an injury ruined their career. They say that to justify their lack of studies and diplomas (I stopped studying because I was playing football everyday for several hours etc). My rat had told me his brother was a professional football player, playing in the national team of his country. When he was away at the coffee shop, I asked his sister in law "Is your husband a professional football player?". She laughed and said no. He plays just for fun and works in a shop. I realized my rat had lied to me.