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Major Ratslayer
I wish they will take those Love Rats seriously...

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I am sure there are talented young tunisians who use their brain to move forward in their life's but the only tunisians I hear of are the ones who use their creativity to use women or to cross the ocean to live illegal in an other country. I am not saying these are all rats I am sure there are genuine people who just seek a good life but isn't it better they stay there and try to improve their country or am I naive on this opinion?


Major Ratslayer
@Sabrina lasser apparently that subject was not discussed it never is... only the support Britain give the Tunisian youth.. very confusing and very polical correctness, lots of BS if you as me me LOL
Sounds that way if they only took it serious one day they will have to because hopefully people are catching on!!!!! And getting sick of it