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Major Ratslayer
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I read this article and thought I would publish it here because others might find it useful to recognize the signs to watch out for on the internet love scams.

Signs You May Be In Touch With An Internet Fraudster
by Anti Romance Scams (Notes) on Friday May 17, 2013 at 12:58 am

General information about the romantic scam

While there is information about these scams available to the general public, this does not seem to be enough. Dating sites give general warnings about them, as do Western Union and Moneygram. The FBI maintains a website specifically dedicated to reporting crimes on the Internet (IC3) which also provides warnings and information. It is up to each individual to educate and train others to prevent this crime from affecting more and more victims. Although dating sites warn of the dangers, they are still online businesses whose main objective is to make money with paying subscribers to the sites. For this reason, they generally do not screen subscribers. They will take subscription fees as easily as they take legitimate user fees. Of course, scammers often pay for their dating site subscriptions using stolen credit cards, but again this is not verified by online dating sites in general. While Facebook has a way to report profiles that you believe are bogus. Most dating sites also allow you to report fraud and bogus profiles, but in many cases this may or may not help eliminate fraudsters, as they often simply delete their profiles before getting caught and start over quickly with another phony profile.

Scammers tend to use a "script" which is pretty much the same, except that they will tailor it to their victim. Often this script involves someone who pretends to be from your area but ends up having to leave Nigeria for "business" and then wants to go home to be with you. Quickly, they will be "victims" of a number of almost completely incredible disasters, such as customs arrests, kidnappings or assaults, robberies or beating, then they suddenly need your money to help them out. of their plight. Don't fall for it. It is very likely that the person is never from or in your region. They were never going to leave Nigeria (or the country they really are in) and they are not coming to live with you or marry you. Many broken-hearted men and women have repeatedly waited at an airport for a crook who never showed up. It is a psychological game that they play and once you give them money, the disasters will increase, as will the amounts requested. They do NOT care if you go bankrupt, borrow or steal from your friends, or if you end up on the streets. They only want your money and want as much as possible. It is important to note that the “military romance scam” has been very popular in recent years. It was then that the scammer stole photos of an American in the army, posing as a position abroad. Most active duty soldiers stationed abroad do not search for love on the other side of the world online.

They could be a con artist if …….

According to romancescams.org, if you can answer "yes" to three of these scam directives, then the likelihood that you will be in contact with one is very high.

On first contact
  • They want to immediately leave the website and access Yahoo IM or MSN IM
  • Their profile appears to disappear from the website immediately after the conversation begins
  • They claim it was fate or fate and you're supposed to be together
  • They immediately request your photo and send you a photo of themselves
  • They immediately want your address to send you flowers, candy, and teddy bears, often purchased with stolen credit cards.
  • They claim to love you immediately or within 24 to 48 hours
  • They immediately start using animal names with you: hon / hun baby / babe sweety / sweetie
  • They claim that God brought you to him / her
  • They generally claim to be from the United States (or your region), but they are abroad or go mainly to Nigeria, sometimes to the United Kingdom for business or family reasons.

Communication skills
  • Their spelling is bad
  • Their grammar is not consistent with the way Americans speak, French, etc.
  • They seem uneducated with their speaking / writing skills
  • They abuse emotions
  • They are known to use BUZZ
  • They are known to use "i" instead of "I"
  • They systematically use the Web or abbreviations; ur ur cos pls / plz ma sry brb div
  • They often mix up their phrases: "I" will like to hear from you as soon as possible, I'm kool, do you have a man you care to meet, do you have a man you plan to meet, looking for someone one to love and care for in life, am cheerful in life, i would like to meet someone who cares and loves for real in life, "i" am too young for my age if you don't know, ok so how will you feel if i say i don't worry i would like you to be my best friend you are so pretty in my image
  • They misunderstand our slang or comparisons such as the night owl / early bird, the face of poker
Their habits
  • They are usually not there on weekends for IM
  • They IM at unusual times for your time zone
  • There are times when they left the conversation for a long time and sometimes come back to you with a different name, they usually converse with more than one person at a time
  • If you ask them a question, they don't know that they will usually be offline for a long time so they can search for the answer on the Internet by always claiming that they had a phone call or had to go to the bathroom, etc.
  • They like to send you poems or love letters, most of which date back to lovingyou.com. Sometimes they even forget to change the name in the poem or letter to match your name
  • They send you flowers, teddy bears and candy in the first weeks of chat
  • They usually ask you to get on your webcam but they never seem to have their own webcam
  • They ask for your phone number but when they call you can barely understand a word they say because of their accent and background noise
  • They can give you a phone number but it's usually a calling card or call center, you can rarely get them over the phone
  • They don't like answering personal questions about themselves and tend to ignore questions
  • Often times they don't know the correct time difference between where you are and where they claim to be
  • They often claim to have a parent of African descent
  • A majority of them claim to have lost a spouse / child / parent in a horrible traffic accident or a plane crash or one of the above cases is ill or in hospital
  • They don't have close family, friends, or business partners to turn to, even the U.S. Embassy, but they can only count on a stranger they've chosen on the Internet.
  • For them, love is equivalent to financial aid… if you don't send them money or help them with what they ask for, you don't like them
  • If you deny or question them, they become verbally abusive and will use threats
  • They will insist that you keep the relationship a secret until they "come" to live with you
  • Above all, if you call them a crook, they are very offended and some will start to throw words at you in their native language

Their inconsistencies
  • The details they give you on instant messaging are often different from what is shown on their profiles, one of the most common answers to which they give different answers is their date of birth, their height / weight, their age, etc.
  • If you catch them on an inconsistency, they will pretend that a friend or relative must have used their username to chat with you, they will always try to find a cover-up and of course, you are always wrong or wrong
  • They often misspell the towns / villages they claim to be from and do not know the local sites and attractions
  • They do not know the common questions that every American citizen would know the answer to.
If you have contacted a lover, immediately cut off all contact with the person and report it to IC3 and romancescams.org and other similar fraudulent databases. Help your friends and loved ones to be aware of these signs of an Internet scammer so that they learn to surf safely and do not become a future victim.
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Major Ratslayer
The rat is still there trying to convince that he is a good guy. I didn't get bit too hard because I did my research and found this website BEZNESS ALERT on facebook. Then I looked on other social network and found all his different profiles. He lied and said that he was just looking for friends and all this other BS. Ikept him on my FB as a friend, just so I can see what he is up to and find out if he has anyother victims so that I can warn them.

They have multiple accounts. He has surely blocked you on the other ones. You will not be able to see all his victims. And they have multiple accounts on all social networks FB, Instagram, Tik Tok etc etc