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He was on again four minutes ago....how is this possible?

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Maybe the system just picks up his IP address if he’s reading here but as a banned member he can’t comment?

I guess it’s also possible to use the contact us form which he may have done to ask why he’s been banned? That might show him engaged in conversation? It’s a mystery but the site does have some peculiarities.


I live in the country side surrounded by trees.
It's fine in summer but autumn it's really bad.
My only neighbour is a funeral parlor when the trees lose they leaves I see the bodies going in and out all day and night.
I was told I have a ghost named Brian maybe he's haunting my posts on TLR lol

Deleted member 32724

I logged off and ran a few miles. Weather was good here. About to up my gym regiments and do a few marathons. Tough mudder, Spartan, etc. before the winter.
I think I'd die! I haven't been able to walk my dogs in weeks because of this weather! I usually walk them every day....but when it's 105 out at 6:00 PM there is NO way! My poor babies just don't understand! :(


The line is still through his name, which shows he is banned. I’ve always been completely honest about not being tech savvy in the slightest :oops:
So will confess I am clueless here.

If he only reads the forum, that’s not an issue....it’s public, so he can read it anyway.....it’s the private messaging that concerns me, hence asking all members to please contact a mod if you are the recipient of a message :)
Maybe he never logged out yet?
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