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@Butterflies, I don’t see it as ridiculous to fall for a younger man. When the woman believes he’s a genuine person, it can happen easily! In the case of rats, she doesn’t know at first this is not a good person and they are charming and they don’t stop courting and wooing. It’s flattering. Many women feel younger inside and some of these men are good at acting older and more mature than they are at first. They say the right things to make the women forget and overlook the age difference. I can see how easy it would be to fall under their charm. They make you think they’re the real deal. Now 91 and 31. Ok, that is a bit.... extreme.
They are charmers that's for sure you get sucked in by their stories until it is to late to see the truth. But sooner or later your gut feeling tells you something is of. I have seen the story of this couple on TV it was weird but hey if she is happy who am I to judge. But if he is a scammers I hope her family safes her from more damage