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Italy, the gateway for Tunisians to the EU


Anita Hospita

Continuing a thread that started here http://www.tunisianloverats.com/thr...ktari-houssam-alktari.4301/page-3#post-232947
About Italy's despair having to accomodate tens of thousands of fortune hunters from Africa, of which the majority is Tunisian (120.000 persons in 2011). I found an article (old, 2011, after the Spring Revolution and in Dutch, sorry girls) about Italy granting 20.000 Tunisians a temporary leave that allowed them to travel freely in the Schengen area. Dutch government complained that the leaves were granted too easily, without the required checks (the right papers, enough money and no threat to public safety) and ordered the aliens' police to check especially Tunisians, although contrary to EU law.

Just google "Italy Tunisian gateway to the EU" to see the extent of this issue.