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Keyboard player - Tunis. Houssem Ktari/Màrc Clovinc/YuRii/Houssem Aziz/Husùm Furùk plus other names.


Major Ratslayer
This is one of his American ex victims. He sent her a photo of his Dong.....from Google!! It was not his small zib :D
He showed me explicit photos of this lady, photos that she trusted him with.....I have quite literally seen the inside of her lady garden and her butt.
She was just before my time....he disposed of her after finding me, and I wish I'd screenshot those messages, but I was in shock.....it was when I became aware of how shockingly racist he is. He was calling her an ugly fat black whore, a dirty nigga etc :Evil:
Man, but he got real nasty with her :Evil:
These pics were screenshot from his own phone (by me) and I saved them in my own FB account, hence some of the writing being in French:

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These were from his fake Màrc Clovinc account, the same account he fished me from, though he had a neutral avatar pic then......it was a long time before I could call him Houssem, as I'd known him for so long as Màrc.


Major Ratslayer
What is AK1? :confused:
An American immigration type thingy?

She won’t need to move on, there is absolutely no way he will keep her once he realises he’s been shagging her for no reason, she can’t get him a visa.

As I’ve said before, his only hope of purchasing his fake virgin Tunisian bride, is scamming online for cash, but once he has a bee in his bonnet, it becomes an obsession, he doesn’t give up...so he will keep selling his micro zib for a visa, solely to prove us all wrong.

If this victim is not sending him volumes of cash for those fake dead relatives, fake family illnesses, fake military release, fake rent and house bills, fake jail term release, fake ‘my phone is broken’ incidents, fake operations blah de blah, he does not need to keep her....he can get plenty of sex on his own doorstep from the Tunisian ‘virgins’ and Tunisian men..so without money, this victim will serve no purpose :thumbsup:
"micro zip" ROFL :D


Major Ratslayer
Hi dear @Mango, just read the post you wrote about the assault and I cried. For me it is beyond imagination that some one does that to another human being. This man must be very very very ill mentally. As I said before, you were so lucky to escape him. He would have killed you eventually if you stayed with him. I don’t know if it is a good thing for you to go through all these horrible memories. But you want to warn the victim
so much and with every post you put on here it is more and more clear that she should go the hell away from him. Have you ever considered to write a book about all
this what happened to you? A book would be a very good medium to reach even more audience! And the picture with the quote about the phone being the biggest love made me giggle a bit! Girl, you are so strong that you not only dealt with what happened to you but that you also want to warn his victims. It is really very courageous of you.
I agree that when you are ready( if you ever feel ready) ...and i've not even finished all pages...you should write a book, you write well x