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Love relations with Tunisian men - BEZNESS - Rat Dictionnary



my boyfriend tripped over and his fone went into a bucket of water what he was cleaning his taxi with, he was not amused because I was laughing, he still uses it, he dried it out with the tyre compressor


Then we should contact the tour companies and try to get them to put a summary in their information of the things to watch out for while still having a great holiday
This issue has been discussed many times before on this site. There is information on Bezness in either Lonely Planet or Rough guide to Tunisia, I can't remember which.


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I've lost two phones in the toilet lol..
I dunno about males but I had mine in my back pocket and went to pull my pants down and "plonk" haha so yes its possible. I did it twice. The first one drowned lol the second one i dove in a saved haha

Haha I've done the same thing, I managed to retrieve it but it wasn't pleasant :sick:


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Really, I acknowledge this, it could sounds stupidly. But if you deeply think about it, why not? If you are affected, you could be pleased for this information. If not, you will ignore it.
For example, in my country if you look the Tunisian Embassy's website, there is a long warning text about this problem, and there also is a link to www.tunisia-love.com (I have written my summary mainly from this site's content) But the problem is that people usually don't read the Embassy's website before the trip. (We also have read it only because we wanted to have up to date informations about their revolution, and about the safety of the city we went to.)

Funny, but my friend and me also have read the warnings before we went to Tunisia and before she has gotten know her rat, and the most funny that we also have found this forum on the internet. But she ignored it! And after they met with eachother, she came back to this forum, and looked for the picture of her rat. But there was no match found. She calmed down, and since her rat's behavior was different from the written rat behavior on the first period of their relationship, and she was in love with him, she believed, that her rat is different!

The trouble is that people read these stories, these warnings against bezness, and go to Tunisia, and they meet a man, who improve them with his manipulation, and people immidiately forget these warnigs, and fall into their traps. As my friend also did it, poor. And if they are already in these men’s trap, they beleive that „ok,ok, I heard about bezness, but MINE IS DIFFERENT”. And after that they realize their scam, they come back to this site, or to other bezness sites, and realize, that really that is exactly what has happened with them too. Always after the fact! We have to do something that they read it before the fact! We have to put this information deeply to people's mind!

Maybe, if I got any information from the travel agency about this problem when I book my trip, I would also look them stupidly. But it's possible that if I heard about this problem before my trip vigorously, and there I met with a man, I would think about this.
The rats are so desparate I too was approached many times in many different ways I got tired off the constant struggle off saying no no no tjey won't stop even if your with a tunisian man they will still pester you from the moment i arrived till i left i dont drink or smoke so made it plain my holiday was for relaxing not being pestered yea I deffio think you should read up on the country the rules what you should do and shouldn't do as the tunisian men have a weird way off perceiving women not just europeans but there own too and even though we saved up hard to go on holiday in there eyes we are beyond rich careful and be wise is ny advice never ever gove them any money number 1 rule thats harem you will be destroyed financially be warned me i wasnt because he never knew my financial details but he did not ever get to know my financial standing never give out that information or your address always cover up on photos and show him u refuse to take any disrespect and yes its not the holiday reps that should warn you but use common sense these men are desparate and greedy and manipulative si be warned before u go only few are real genuine men read the morals rules before embarking on a holiday romance with a tunisian man