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Marriage from Hell


Major Ratslayer
But that is what I cant get my head around is that they dare ask us for money as if we owe them
And we come all the way from our country pay for everything and the cheek off the rats expect multi gifts too are we that stupid !!!
Then they say we took advantage off them hahaha really!!!!
what do get from all this nothing one day we wake up and seriously think wtf are we doing here look at the rat and think i must have been on a serious break down to even consider the rat as a potential boyfriend
We were all off us delusional till we opened our eyes to the truth the tunisian rats are scum and will never change!!!!
They are no good but great at manipulating that’s all!! And playing a game that involved us and our bank account! But now we know and we are free of their demands ! All that’s left is the memories of the rats which will disappear one day and the hurt we feel toward us allowing us to let them do that to us!


Major Ratslayer
I know the rats are like vampires taking everything even your blood if they could.
What I don't get is how the ex-rat stated in the past that I put him through all this and that I knew I was unable to sponsor him?
No I went in with the best of intentions, if anyone lost out it was me in many ways.
So this is the guilt trip he left me with, but you know the rat second guessed me, downplayed and shortchanged me
and it was the rat that changed and flip flopped not me.
The rat stated as all the rats do that our love lasted long and it was worth any amount of money.
Sorry sometimes that rat relationship was hanging by a thread, and it lasted because of me.
Otherwise it would have ended like it always did before me!
How does treating someone bad time after time, cheating, the narcisisstic games, lying, betrayal and just doing and saying
dirty nasty things does not get a rat in my good books.
Backtracking after getting caught in their deception does not help their case.
I always try hard and never quit on people, even when never given an apology I deserve but you know
its not possible for me to be a doormat when another man would take me in an instant.
There are good men out there who would love to have the chance to have a good woman who never leaves or quits on them.
Excatly they play narrsastic games abuse u before mg wu abuse u after!!!
How can u win the abuse game when they think they have the right to abuse u no they ###### dont
They play the games lose move on to next game
I know what u mean about the blood vacuuming my rat sucked the life out off me made me tired off life tired off his game playing tired off him so much
So much abuse that sunk into your body like a explosion and caused me so much sleepless nights !!!!
He could have had a beautiful life and future with me but his denomic ways demands wants greediness cheating narrsisum manipulation lieing lost him the life he craved so much
He played the game and lost me
I couldn't take it last time making arrangements behind my back then expecting me to pay no I wasn't that stupid so i went home and never went back again i told him in my last message the truth about him his family and friends he called me a liar and insisted he had repaid me everything with his body wtf these rats need serious mental health intervention !!!!
Never ever again !!!!
It seems like we both had the same type off rstscum !!! Yougogirl 75:
Let the rat die a lonely death most do anyway!!!