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Mehdi Sadiqi from Fez (Morocco), a rat and cyber criminal living in Ukraine


Major Ratslayer
I am writing a specific post about this dangerous man who is a scammer, a cheater, a cyber criminal and a liar.

He is Moroccan, currently living in Ukraine with his new girlfriend (he dumped and mistreated his Canadian wife and son after his visa for Canada was denied). This person hacked my cellphone as well as my laptop. He had access to everything (my accounts, photos, messages, and phone conversations...). I briefly dated his cousin, Oussama Elfajri, who is also a thief (living in Fez, Morocco with his parents) but has very little knowledge about computers. This guy, Oussama Elfajri, was stupid enough to tell me that they had hacked me and he was regularly making comments about my conversations and phone calls with my friends. My phone was always hot, the data consumption very high, the battery was getting discharged very fast and phone bills higher than what it should have been. I bought a new phone and changed my number.

Mehdi Sadiqi recently hacked my stepmother. He had sent her a fake Windows message stating that her computer was infected and that she had to contact a technician from Windows to solve this problem. My stepmother being old and unaware of such swindles, called the number. The person she talked to was asking her to pay 500 euros to get a good antivirus. When she declined the offer, the person insulted her and said : "I hope you get more infected!!". She contacted her bank right away and was told that the day just before, her bank had already blocked suspicious transactions on her account. He had tried to steal money from her bank account. Luckily her bank didn't authorize the money transfers. As a revenge, he then tried to subscribe to Netflix and other stuffs using her account to make her spend money. These guys are shameless and I am sure they are stealing money from many people worldwide. My stepmother went to police to fill a complain but they told her this happens everyday and they can't really do something about it. They also created fake accounts using my name, my photos on Facebook and my father was contacted by one of his friends who had received an invitation on Linkedin from an account using my father's name. My father has NO account on Linkedin! It's them again, creating fake accounts to contact our friends to hack them.

I remember that when I went to Morocco in 2017, his cousin Oussama Elfajri, had proudly told me that Mehdi Sadiqi went on holiday to Dubai with his friends for free after hacking an air plane company and a 5 star hotel. He did show me few pictures of Mehdi in Dubai.

I am posting a photo of Mehdi Sadiqi. He is on Facebook and other social medias. He scams girls for money and sex. I have hidden his current girlfriend's face to respect her privacy (I contacted her on Facebook to warn her but she is in love and didn't listen. She even made fun of me when I said that I will go to police if her boyfriend doesn't stop hacking me). I hope police catches these thieves soon.


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