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Nidhal Bouslimi - Tunisian in France


Major Ratslayer
yep I am one of those young solo mothers raising two babies also.. He never asked me for anything but he did try to push for me to visit him and save and pay for my own expenses...Ummm sorry mate! I got babies to raise, have no time or energy and money to be trapesing around the world with a household and children to still maintain..not to mention quarenteen..you are right they are thick skulled and stupid, well my ex was a stupid one. I don't even know if an online relationship qualifies as an ex lol so, that guy I shall say lol. ( I havnt because I feel bad even thinking of it), but has anyone used the Allah religious card on them? Do they actually believe they gonna be aalllgoood after death considering what they believe in? Its weird and hypocritical.
Yes and believe me you would be paying for everything too! Quite expensive they are not worth it and the sex isn’t either!:) so save for you and your young ones a fun outing!