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That’s quite funny that a marriage isn’t a relationship, Yvonne !!!!!!!! We were engaged............I became ill for 6 months and during that time, he managed to sell what was to be our marital home to his Sister, pocket the proceeds, move to another town, and finally declared that he was now married !!!!!!!! All that in 6 months, apparently !!!!!!!! Living and breathing Asshole Deluxe...............By the time I caught up with what was happening, he gave his pathetic ‘parting speech’, “I’ll always remember you as the Tender One”.............Well his Sorry Ass (otherwise known as his ‘life’), will be well tenderised by the time I’m finished with him !!!!!!!!!!
I know what you mean @Jayne25 and all, what happened to you with the rat is really horrendous but if you where married to him you would need a divorce and that brings even more problems.
He abused your trust in him to sell what he could to provide to his wedding with his tunisian wife. The house that was meant to be your marital house was never yours he probably told you lies about this to. As far as I know foreigners can't own a house there it was probably build on ground owned by family of the rat.
The feeling to be tricked and scammed is horrible.
We are here for you whenever you feel the need to talk or when you need advice

Yvonne xx


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In the mind of rats we are not worthy to be with them we are just a means to and end. It's cruel and heartless but it's just the truth and finding out the true intentions of them is heartbreaking.
They use western women's money to set up life with a tunisian woman and we western women are thrown aside.
I'm sorry you invested so much time, money and feelings on this rat.
He abused your trust in the time you where sick and setup his life with his tunisian wife who was probably in the back there all along when he was with you.
Hugs to you I know you are very angry now and you seek revenge and I hope you feeling better with your sickness xxx
Once I’m better, he’s going to get the lesson of his life.................


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You spoke French with him why does he write in impeccable English @Jayne25?
Or did he forget he was texting you and it was meant for another woman?

Yvonne xx
Towards the end of the relationship, he resorted to sending messages in English through Google Translate, but all of the conversation during all of the three years up until then, was in French.............He used English at the end, as a way of distancing himself, I think...............


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So sorry for the pain you are going through Jayne 25.
Why not name and shame him in the media hall of fame that might ease some of the pain when you are ready.
you are in the right place everyone is here for you xx
Thank you..............