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Rat on a Rat in Tunisian online communities


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Hello everyone, I hope y'all having great day

As we all know, ratting on a rat is the main thing that we need to do in fighting back against this disgusting phenomenon so not only the love rat would be exposed, shamed and lives the rest of his with hate from the honest people who hate rats and who make up the majority of humanity but also would send a message to the other love rats to avoid committing their filthy crimes.

But that shouldn't be enough, we need to tell Tunisians about this issue, show them how bad it is and encourage them to support with however they can and luckily there are online Tunisian communities that are about solving the problems of Tunisia and that will definitely care about this Bezness issue, I know three communities that would really over support and help, I will list them from the best to good enough :

So you have more chances of sparking something viral, here is some examples of recent issues that are being shown and discussed :

  • *- A member exposing a scammer :

*- Another member asking for help :

*- This is a member that talks about how a mugger got caught by the police and all the members were celebrating :

So as you can see, thousands and thousands of Tunisians will do their best to achieve justice no matter what and if we show them the issue of Bezness they will definitely give us a huge support, you can speak in English or French but it will be better if you make posts in Arabic, if you need help in translation, I will be glad to help all the members here

This is literally the largest Tunisian website in the whole country, it is very old, very popular and very friendly, they have the public discussion section where they discuss all the issues of Tunisia including Bezness, even though it's an Arabic forum, they do have French and English sections and once again, if you need help in translation, I will definitely all the women here, I am limited to uploading only 5 pictures so I cannot upload some pictures of this forum but I will make a reply with the pictures in this thread.

In case you don't know, reddit is one of the biggest English websites on the Internet and Tunisians have a spot there, it's a large Tunisian community with 7k members and they all discuss everything about Tunisia and many of them will offer help to our cause, again pictures of this subreddit will be provided in the reply.

So we should rat on a rat in these online communities as well, we need to spread awareness so we can finally put an end to these rats and make Western women feel safe when they visit or live in Tunisia, this will also help make all other types of scammers to think twice before doing something stupid, I hope this thread helps you and I hope more Tunisians will join our cause.

Best wishes.

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