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Rat or not?


Major Ratslayer
I'm sorry to hear about your job but I believe everything happens for a reason and to be honest I think it's the best thing for you - working alongside her must have been torture. This is a fresh start for you so grab it with both hands and leave her and the rat in the distant past.......you don't need their toxic behaviour in your life. You will make new friends in your new job I'm sure.

MH x
Yes it was pure hell even seeing her cause she had guilty written all over but she steered clear from me cause she knows what she did was rotten. And what gets me the most is her telling people i will beat her up or have her fired is down right so backwards cause common sense who isnt working there anymore. She kinda destroyed my life she needs serious help. I have never in my life came across such a dimented individual its sad. But hey shes pretty good she had them fooled.


Major Ratslayer
Hi @Georgia this whole story is extremely sketchy, it just doesn't add up at all. They have that proverb in Tunisia "tongue has no bones" and very often it scares me how accurate it is. Rats will tell you anything you want to hear. He is love bombing you. He has a masters degree, has a decent job and is fairly well travelled but is unable to find out how to apply for a job in Europe. His decent job in economy sector brings him low income which he feels the urge to tell you about. He wants to move to Europe although he also wants to open up his own business (in Tunisia I presume?). He visited Europe on several occasions but there's no one else to give him the guidance on moving over, except you of course, his perfect princess he's never met in person. He has European country passport but would prefer for you to travel on your own to Arab country to meet him. He is an atheist but keeps it a secret. He has family in Europe but is estranged from them. He doesn't work in tourism industry but have a friend that works in a hotel that can make sure that you are safe there :whistle:
It's been a while since I heard such a dodgy story. I sincerely hope that he is a lovely boy with good intentions and I do apologise if I come across as a little bit sarcastic but in my head none of it makes sense.
You ladies are very smart!!! Georgia NO BUSINESS WITH HIM IN TUNISIA NOOOO also there is a place on line that you can let the embassy know when you will be there and give them your info just extra security I did this I don’t remember the name anyway listen to these ladies I’m new on here also still have a rat bothering me stay safe and good luck