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Help needed Rats asking for photos


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I am trying to post my recent rats proposal so pitiful.I love playing his game with him.He said he wanted to marry me showed all this money hahaha. The sad part is I know it's another woman or man paying for his wifi data you name it he went on a big shopping spree.I said how we onderful for you. Told him he better be careful one of these days his rat activity will get him in prison.Does he really think us women who were lied to would believe anything that comes out of their mouth. I wanted to see if he was still up to his trucks and oh yes .I hope his Dick never goes up again do he can not take any more videos or pictures he will and then blackmail. Let h tell him go ahead and you will send copies to Tunisian Government. Thank you whoever you are about the fraud department in MoneyGram and western union reporting your amazing . Now I can do the same .I have blocked him again .I now have pictures of him showing all the money he has no idea. Gotcha my big rat . Please be careful girls I seen a rat on here saying how bad he felt it's a rat I heard those words almost exactly .He is on here to get information about himself as many other men are playing the good guy. Not good kick his ass off is the best advice .


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Hey @Foolmeonce

How are you doing now?

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I am okay still very angry .He is up to his old tricks I seen he was conning other women still . I wish we could make more women aware .I would love all us get together sit by them in a cafe hahaha where they hang out at and watch the look on their faces. It would be so wonderful. Get one at a time when on vacation there . Get together and help one women at a time make a day of it .What a joyfully experience it would be .If the same women same rat . Hahaha justice would be worth it to see their face don't you think. Wishful thinking on my part because of the virus but some are still traveling there .Not from my Country its banned but maybe the Lord works in mysterious ways and they are working overtime now trying to seduce over the phone .Poor babies.


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If somebody over the Internet ask you to sent pics BEWARE he’s using your pics to be distributed to other users in other countries.

Usually from Africa to lured you as a “pigeon” that’s the word they use to the poor guy who is falling for their “scam” using your photo.