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Sameh Meftah - Marhaba Beach Sousse


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Of course they split up... was so easy to see that coming! Now the rat has what he wanted, she doesn't serve to something any longer.
But I feel sorry for their son, another child growing up in difficult conditions because of a lousy parent...hope he will not try to take the child to Tunisia...

They are still happily married. Not looking to create anything in this feed. Just an update.


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at least had a happy ending.i rember the story .how sleazy these rats are.but see light at the end of tunnel .he met new partner and hatts new baby.how wonderful.

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Well no... you've silver, diamond, ruby.... you get the jist.
Penelope, what is it that brings you back here so frequently?
I am not saying you are not welcome, I’m just curious as to why you login most days, as you have never had a rat and defend known rats....why? :confused:

Sameh is a rat as much as Yassine...he is not part of a beautiful family, but part of a family of scam victims.