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Do you ever just move on?

A leopard never changes its spots, so NO, he's a con man and will always be a con man, it's in his nature. So this thread stays and any updates on him stay so other women can be warned about him.
Its not a case of moving on, it's a case of trying to stop it happening to someone else and, one day, you will see it for yourself.
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Mandy 44

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Hi Gemima

I travelled to Tunisia alone over a four yr period and i was always safe ...

My husband always came to meet me at the airport and took me back there when it was time to leave...

I think people are scareing you without reason at the moment.....

The question of your b/f's intentions and if he is a rat or not...well that is another chapter....

I would not recc anybody to go there alone unless they know someone there that will look after them outside of the hotel, as the pestering from the locals is just horrific and ruins any holiday in my humble opinion...

Cuddle xx

PS although my husband did always ensure my safety in Tunisia in the end he was one of the biggest rats living:(
Just say a few swear words in Arabic had them running