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Super Powers


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On a serious note if I could choose one super power it would definitely be teleportation. I miss my family so much. I can't wait to be able to travel to see my parents. It's been too long.
I was also thinking this as my family are 500 miles away and I miss them so much - I had my flights booked to visit over Easter but obviously it was cancelled.

The other one I would be is invisible lol cos imagine the fun you would have - moving things, knocking things over, freaking people out lol or a fly on the wall but knowing my luck I would get splattered :p

MH x


Major Ratslayer
Just like Pinocchio got a very long nose after lying, I would ask that rats' noses get longer and longer everytime they tell a lie :D
It would become so easy to identify them.
When you are asking to grow their noses Poppy take note that you let their zibbi be a little bit longer to because I read here somwhere he only needed 2 fingers to pleasure himself :eek: :D


Major Ratslayer
To have an in-built satellite navigation system to aim missiles down on the rats and ‘3,2,1..........Fire!!!’ No collateral damage, of course, apart from the flip-flops and the vests!!! And the un-staffed WU offices!!!
Latest reports just in: Sources tell us that un-staffed WU offices all over Tunisia have been bombed-out of existence, along with several thousand Tunisian Love Rats.............Reporters close to the ground suggest that tens of thousands of old-men’s vests and the most annoying-kind of flip-flops have been completely obliterated..............The damage and debris can easily and clearly be seen from Space..............

.Next up: Wild parties all over Europe, Canada and the US............Women everywhere are reported to be shouting ’We nuked them buggers!!!’..............Much wine, both red and white, is being consumed.............Latest reports suggest that spirits are all out.............The wild parties have caused a [email protected]