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@simple no bling on but is dressed and can eat by himself using the cutlery so doing much better than most Tuni rats LOL On a serious note I would love to post a pic of my boy if these rats wouldn't be constantly checking up on us :(
Aww that's a shame but completely understand why.

I on the other hand don't give a Shite lol I am not intimidated by the rats - I was actually compromised not by a rat but by former members that thought it was okay to stalk me and distribute my personal details and facebook and it wasn't just me either.

Bring it on I say - luckily some members appreciate what I do and brought a ton of evidence to me including a certain ex member wishing me dead.

Sorry to rant but I still cannot believe that people that pretend to care are in fact no better than the scummy rats.

Anyway onwards and upwards - I hope your fur baby is okay now.

I have a village vet and what a difference - he has just rung me to check on Ted, this is the 2nd time he has checked up on him and he acted so fast last Sunday. Nothing beats personal service and having the same vet that knows your pet, bit like back in the day when you had your own DR.

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I understand to Lass don't share foto's of your pets when you are not comfortable with it. I don't care when these rats see my pets they are much sweeter then the rats wil ever be. I am disgusted by what these former members did MH I can not get my head around it why they do such nasty things and we appreciate all the hard work you do here and we love you for it xxxx :love:

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They would be like 70 years old now ..Old Bo Hazzard ,with his tight flared jeans,,,,,Only fools and horses box set for me ,,the best ..
Luke Duke will be 69 this year, Bo Duke is 60 and Daisy is 66! Boss Hog, Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane and Uncle Jesse are all dead now, Cooter 78, Enos 84 and Cletus 74, just googled them! My big brother loves Only Fools and Horses too Simps!