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They scam other Arabs as well


Rat Expert
They scam everybody.If they find an opportunity to dumb somebody to steal his money they don't think twice.. A friend of mine once told me that his
neighbour got in serious relationship with a tunisian girl, this man was jobless but he kept lying to the women that he was working in the EU and made his fortune and now he returned to stay and live in tunisia. He told her that his money is blocked in the EU and it need time to transfer it to tunisia and he has an urgent need for money so he can pay the lawyers and get his money.So the girl sold her car in order to help him but once he got the money he vanished...


Major Ratslayer
They are some asshole that's 100% true because they only have respect for their own. Of course, they take advantage of foreign girls because we do not know the language or culture well enough. Think that almost all the boys in Tunisia have a Tunisian girl that they might mean seriously but that they need money for this "perfect" girl and that is where we come in because we are so rich in the West that the money runs into a skye they think .To women who are in love with an asshole he is not worth your tears or feelings. If one wants to catch ok play his game because they deserve it.