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Tunisian rats and identity theft


Major Ratslayer
I saw my rat’s mother going to have afternoon siesta in the same bed as him.

If I do that with my son he will have a heart attack lol.

My point is that there has to be certain boundaries between mother and sons specially when they become men!!! Ffs
imagine going in and saying hey you that's my husband that's fine I will go and have a siesta with your husband and I tramp your father lol that would go down well at dinner floor hey u aul bag incest for dinner I wouldn't put anything past them .THEY are A RARE BREED


Major Ratslayer
Because Mummy cooks, cleans, washes, irons literally waits on her son hand and foot - rats even think it is okay to wake his mother up for food when he gets home from his scamming, drinking nights out :mad:

MH x
I know seen this myself .all men sit getting served hand and foot poor mum even if r young r old and the girls really young as7 running after them .there lazy shits.so when they come to Europe they can't walk round a pool all day picking there arses


Major Ratslayer
on kym marsh show the scammers use pics of army in agahafst an women looking men .they caught one and when they rang and were caught out they sounded Tunisian calling u bitch.That's way they say to us when caught out .I think uk government should b working to put these people in jail .not out jails .there jails with 20 to cell and one bucket.and ones doing in UK .it would b cheaper to put them all on p!a me and send them home.England jails are full of them and tax payers paying for them because they will get out and offend again cos just in them
So its up to us woman to say fuck off when they ask for money!!!!
I know a young woman only 24 she's bought him a scooter with a loan she got and sends him.money every month
So its not just old lonely women that get caught out in the scamming bussiness like this program portrayed scamming victims to be !!!
Stop saying old lonely women are the targets !!!
Its the young too its the professional people too so dont judge haha this program did not research the wide range off scammers love fraud victims from young to old from beautiful to ugly from fat to thin from rich to poor !!!! They dont the scammers have a preference, so programs like this anger me !!!!!!