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Wanted !!! Do you know these guys ?? Sousse , jendouba / hammamet !!!



Would be nice to have a network of rat catching spies in the popular rat areas. Any volunteers out there?


hi again bentbledi! im really curious now if you have ever come across my ex rat as hes a jendoubian! i know its unlikely but as you know its a small world sometimes lol! his name is rochdi mejri and his rat friends are sami bellali and hedi khemiri! his friend anis owns a optometrist shop in jendouba .... im 100000% sure my darling ex has scammed manyy women online and id love to see him come unstuck, if i was in england id be jumping on a plan e and paying him a lovely surprise visit!! too bad australias on the other side of the earth lol:zwall:
actually i have some friends in jendouba with the last name mejri and also khemiri... :hmm: just give me some time to "investigate" and i will do my best to find out about these guys :diablo:

lyndal anton

actually i have some friends in jendouba with the last name mejri and also khemiri... :hmm: just give me some time to "investigate" and i will do my best to find out about these guys :diablo:
mwahaha!!(evil laugh lol!).....thanks bentledi for your 'investigations!" will be waiting in suspense to see if u come up with anything lol! he could even be engaged or worse still, married to one of his cousins since we met back in november, i doubt it but then again my mejri is an expert at multi tasking ..:rolleyes:


Ahh , and also. I am going to Sousse very very veeerryyyy soon :D
And as my friend is getting married to one of the Hanzoulis and I am her witness and involved in a lot of wedding planning , if anyone have any questions about any of the Hanzoulis or want to know if one particular of them is a rat , feel free to contact me :)
I also have a lot of friends working in restaurants , hotels and discos. So if there is someone you want me to keep an eye open for or check out , feel free to PM me ( although I myself am not sure of how that works yet ) :coffee:
Hey :) Are you still availebal for question? See the post is old, but need to know about a guy from Sousse. Think he is close with a Hanzouli.... If not- do you know someone to ask? Thanx :)


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Maaroufi is a distinctly Jendoubi surname. There are TONS of them in Jendouba and it's the name of a place there. If you would are to message me (or share here if you are comfortable ) the first name I will gladly investigate and see if I can find any information about him. It is possible that if he's been working in Sousse/Tourist areas for a long time that people in Jendouba won't know a lot about him, but I will do my best to find out what I can.
...my rat Bechir Ghazouani is also comming from Jendouba...do you know him or anything about him???greetings


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Jasmines war Mounir Hanzouli und wir hatten auch einen Labdher Hanzouli am Strand in Sousse sowie eine Person namens Lottie, die nach Informationen über einen 36-jährigen Hanzouli suchte, der in Skanes arbeitete, aber aus Sousse.
Das kann nur ali hanzouli sein, das passt vom Alter und er hat früher in monastir gearbeitet und heute Tej Marhaba in Sousse am Strand und verkauft kamelausflug.

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That can only be ali hanzouli, that fits his age and he used to work in monastir and now Tej Marhaba in Sousse on the beach and sells camel excursions.